Meet the Maker: Cate Robertson

Cate Robertson is new to the Makespace community, but she has already left her mark. From tackling brand new skills to instructing workshops, she is a prime example of what this community is all about.

Meet the makers: Adam White

Meet the makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building our community. Adam White is our new Events and Social Media Coordinator.

March Break Maker Camp Summary

Over the school holidays, YuKonstruct’s makerspace was teeming with a dozen pre-teens as we kicked off our March Break Maker Camp!

The 5 day camp consisted of lots of hands on activities and made use of the makerspace’s awesome equipment. The camp participants got to experience laser cutting, bottle rocket building and blast off, 3D design and printing, carpentry, stop animation, robotics and more!

Everyone went home each day with items that they’d built/designed/crafted/created.


This animation video is a project the kids created together as a group, our campers developed the story plot, designed the characters and made the sets themselves.

Other highlights included getting robots to navigate through a maze, building towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows, and laser cutting a variety of animals.

“Please bring a camp in the summer please I’m begging you please”
– Maker Camp participant feedback

“I think you guys nailed it. Robotics, stop animation, rockets, 3D printing, using the laser cutter… don’t think it gets better than that!”
– Maker Camp parent feedback


New Year with New Positions

Happy New Year from the whole team at YuKonstruct!

We have contractors hired for the next three months. Some are familiar faces in new roles and some are new to the community. Check out the full page of our team. For our individual roles, check out what we are up to:

Jaret will remain in the role of Executive Director and Financial Sustainability Manager. He will be focusing on grants, partnerships, sponsorship, operational development, vision coordination, funding, invoicing and more. He is doing a lot!

Logan will be working at the makerspace alongside Adam. These guys are in charge of creating self-training, resources for training, safety of the shops, facilities maintenance and equipment upkeep.

Adria’s role is now focused on Programming at the makerspace including a spring break camp in March.

Lauren has taken on the Volunteer Coordination and Member Relations at both spaces. She’ll also be helping out with sponsorship, event bookings and marketing for the organization.

Barrett and Lee (interview to come) will be working together on Programming mainly at (co)space and some at the makerspace as well. The focus of these workshops will be on entrepreneurial development.

Please introduce yourself if you see them in either space and feel free to connect via email as well.

Amazing Volunteer Awards

Last week during YuKonstruct’s holiday party, we had a room full of members, friends, partners, sponsors and volunteers. It was great to gather together and enjoy good food, beverages and connect as a community. This organization is run largely by the volunteers that dedicate their time, energy and resources into making this space the community that it is.

As a small way to say THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers, these awards were made up for the folks that help keep this place moving.

Battery – for being charged up and giving fresh energy to this space.

Trampoline – for jumping at any job given to him.

Football – for being here since the kickoff and for tackling the toughest jobs!

Knot – for tying it all together (with projects and our team).

Band Aids – for our repair man that mends what’s broken.

Bee – because she is busy as a bee working hard to create community.

Safety pin – for being our safety star!

Feet – for starting us off on the right foot and always putting his best foot forward.

Fireworks – for sparking great ideas and making projects spectacular.

Gem – for adding that special sparkle to the team.

Snowflake – for making this weather worth it (even after leaving the sunshine).

Steak – for a job “weldone” as our welding instructor

Light- for his bright ideas and lighting up the space.

Star – for being a super star!

Rock – reliably solid and because he rocks!

Toy top – because he is top notch.

Target – for keeping this organization on target.

Stapler – because he’s a staple in this community.

Sunshine – for that warm smile despite the cold.

Nails – for nailing the job!

Adam H
Tape – for sticking with it.

Truck – for really delivering!

Ace – for an ace of an instructor.

Marbles – for a marbelous job!

Hat – because he’ll take a job at the drop of a hat. Hats off to him!

Beach ball – because he’s on the ball with jobs needing doing.

Life saver – for keeping us afloat as our amazing bookkeeper.

Ksenia and Kaitlin
Light bulbs – because of their bright beginnings as volunteers.

Key – because he is a key factor in the success of this organization!

Paper – for being “write” where and when we needed him.

 Breakfast – for doing an “eggcellent” job.

(co)space’s coworkers: Lauren

Meet the Makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building YuKonstruct’s makerspace. With lots of interesting members at (co)space, we wanted to broaden our interviews to include them!  We now have the (co)space’s coworkers interviews. Here’s Lauren’s.

Lauren, what role do you play at YuKonstruct and (co)space?
I’m joining this community with a few goals. First off, to continue telling the amazing story about the work and possibilities of this space and community it has attracted in its first year. I am excited to increase the volunteer and member engagement and marketing of YuKonstruct and (co)space.

What’s your Yukon story?
My husband, Patrick, four-year-old daughter, Kluane, and I moved from Baltimore, Maryland (USA) nine months ago. We had started and sold a craft brewery in Baltimore and were pining for the Northern way of life for our family after having spent some time in a remote cabin on Kluane Lake in 2010. We LOVE it here and amazingly our favorite part of the Yukon is the community which a perfect fit with the part of my role that is charged with community building around our vision for (co)space.

What do you like about this organization?
The vision. The team. The community. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and continue to be drawn to the radical ideas, courage, perseverance, and passion that makes up the true believers of dreams in this world. I also love the potential of this space! This organization is going to be THE spot for everyone with a dream looking for a community them help make it come true.

What are you excited about bringing to the community?
A career of community building and customer service to continue the organization’s growth. I started in International Tourism and moved on to Nonprofit Management. Every role in my career has revolved around my passion for creating exceptional experiences, bringing people together and building relationships and partnerships with diverse internal and external stakeholders.

Are you prepared for the Yukon winter?
HA! I have to admit, seeing -20C the other day made all the stories a reality and apparently that’s not even that cold! I still have not figured out how to dress, the right shoes to wear, how to cross-country ski, and how many vitamin D tablets to take per day to stay sane but I’ll get there soon enough…I hope.

Instructables Woodworking Club: Project #2

The second project of the Instructables Woodworking Club was a scrap wood house number sign which focused on glueing. This project involved gluing scraps of wood together and clamping them in order to create a door sign, cheese board or decorative key hanger. The club organizers had all the material ready for us and then the 5 of us (who happen to all be women), followed the steps set out by the Instructables lesson.

The lesson was straightforward and informative. We all got to cutting and glueing and creating our projects. What I liked most about this club build night is that everyone was working together to learn something new.

Lana, who’s a regular club member said this about the second project:

“This Instructables group further increase my knowledge of tools: again using the compound mitre saw, then learning about the planer and glue (who knew that stuff was so good?!).  Afterwards I also gained knowledge and experience using the handheld drill to pre-drilling the holes and using this same tool to screw on the hooks from the Instructable website.  I am again really happy with how this turned out.  I took some scraps of wood plus some coat hooks that were just laying around and made something I am proud of.  I can use these skill to make other usable items out of scraps and discarded pieces.  Again thanks to Yukonstruct and Instructables, a whole new world is opening up for me.”


(co)space’s coworkers: Michel

Meet the Makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building YuKonstruct’s makerspace. With lots of interesting members at (co)space, we wanted to broaden our interviews to include them!  We now have the (co)space’s coworkers interviews. Here’s Michel’s.

Michel is a young water sciences specialist currently teaching at the Yukon College. At (co)space, Michel has found an ideal setting to network and develop his entrepreneurial idea: Duteau Bioresource Contracting. This environmental consulting business caters to agriculture, mining, forestry and urban development clients in the Yukon.

Michel, what made you go into business for yourself? 

I have always had a strong entrepreneurial drive. I was raised in the midst of a thriving business, my parents being agricultural entrepreneurs. I always admired self-starters, and want to make a personal contribution to the society and share ideas. I also am disinclined to ‘’corporate culture’’, where the individual’s development and well-being is subordinated to a company’s – a balanced lifestyle is a strong value of mine.

How did you start your company? 

I started throwing ideas on papers a number of years ago. Last summer, I started organizing these ideas towards a coherent business definition (what services I wanted to offer, to whom, etc.). I was slowly making strides towards a business plan. In the last few months, I registered my business with the authorities (e.g. YG, City of Whitehorse, WCB) and developed formal marketing tools (website, brochures, etc.). Networking is a big part of a start-up, and I am now actively offering my services and looking for contracts.

Why do you love being an entrepreneur? 

What I love the most about being an entrepreneur is that I can instill my personal views onto my work, through a personalized approach. Hence, you can share your values and ideas and imprint an impetus onto societal development. For instance, I have a strong care for the environment and my work can contribute to a sound development of the natural resources, through stewardship and adapted technical means.

What advice do you have for other Yukon small business starters?

Get the word out! Networking really is core. Ask advice to your friends, family, co-workers, fellow professionals, and experienced people. Seek feedback on your ideas, and incorporate it in your enterprise development.

What do you like about (co)space?

Working from (co)space has helped me focus on my duties – I used to work from home, where there always are plenty of distractions. It also helped me in keeping a sound schedule. Having people that you can chat with, bounce ideas against and share the mood with is a huge plus.

Startup in Residence at (co)space

Wes from Clearbanc wrote about their time up here for the Startup in Residency program:

“I work for Clearbanc, a financial tech startup building a bank for freelancers and the self-employed. For the last two weeks, we were privileged to occupy the seat of “entrepreneur in residence” at (co)space.

(For readers outside of Whitehorse, (co)space is a coworking space in Whitehorse, Yukon territory, Canada).

For most of the working hours, we occupied the floor above (co)space (dropping in below periodically for coffee and beer); this space was well equipped for our team. I was energized as if at a hackathon, excited at having a different level of focus and presence from the team and excited at having the chance to step outside of our routines and the daily grind and consider bigger issues of visions and longer-term goals. After hours, we tried to mix in with the environment, spending some time on mountain bikes on the trails in Riverdale, playing ultimate frisbee, walking the waterfront, meeting with local entrepreneurs, and getting to know a few of the local restaurants and watering holes. Our weekends took us to Haines Junction, Takhini Hot Springs, the Vista Outdoor Learning Center, Dawson City, and a stop in Carcross.

This was the first trip to the Yukon for all but one of our team, and we were all blown away: blown away by the beauty of the territory, blown away by the warmth of the welcome and hospitality, by the ingenuity and resilience of the variety of entrepreneurs and business-people we met, and by the strength of the community.

Thanks to Yukonstruct and (co)space for an incredible two weeks – these will be an easy two weeks to remember, and will remain an important part of Clearbanc.” 

(co)space is an initiative of YuKonstruct and is made possible by the generous support of Yukon Economic Development, CanNor, Northwestel, Startup Canada, Startup Whitehorse, Yukon Brewing, MPIG Holdings and MakeIT. This initiative would not have been possible without the additional help of TechYukonNorthmark Ventures Inc.City of WhitehorseCold Climate Innovations, Air North and NVD. Thank you!

(co)space’s coworkers: Jenna

Meet the Makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building YuKonstruct’s makerspace. With lots of interesting members at (co)space, we wanted to broaden our interviews to include them!  We now have the (co)space’s coworkers interviews. Here’s Jenna’s.

Jenna, what do you work on while at (co)space? (what is your business/studies)
I work a lot on business development, networking, and social media. I own two companies, Frozen Beach Music, Inc. and Dynamics Intelligence Inc. Frozen Beach Music is a music production company and Dynamics Intelligence is a technology software company.

How did you get involved with (co)space?
I conducted a web search for co-location/virtual offices.  After touring (co)space, I knew it was for me, a perfect fit.

Why did you join (co)space?
To be able to operate my business in a place with reliable internet access, a place that was away from home, and a place where I could meet and interact with other business community members.

What do you like most about (co)space being up and running? 
The staff is clearly the best to work with. They are very reliable and get things resolved quickly.

Why do you think other people should become (co)space members?
Anyone that is looking for a place to work that is not in their home, a place to socialize with other business people, and a place with reliable high speed internet should become a member.

What inspires you to work?
I love statistics and being involved with social media is exciting if you like statistics, charts, reports, and graphs.  It’s really exciting to see something go viral and it is challenging to constantly find new content to keep the traffic levels up.

What advice to you have for other members?
My advice would be to get more involved. Host an event or simply invite colleagues to (co)space.


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