(co)space is helping entrepreneurs Rock a Headshot!

For those looking to market themselves, improve their digital business image, or have a LinkedIn profile to be proud of, (co)space is offering FREE photo headshots (provided on a first-come-first-serve basis) at the upcoming Rock a Headshot Networking Event.

A good headshot is often overlooked, but can be essential!

Professional headshots cost anywhere from $50-$350 but are worth so much more when used as a vital part of an entrepreneur’s personal brand. However, those who are just starting out sometimes don’t have the resources to dedicate to a good headshot. Equally, without a headshot, entrepreneurs may not appear professional or established. So (co)space is aiming to bridge the gap so that entrepreneurs can present a professional image of themselves and their business, to help them gain credibility, and create more opportunities to succeed.

All are welcome to come get their headshot taken!

When: Thursday March 24, 2015 at 5:30pm – 9pm (or later!)
Where: 202 Strickland Street (2nd floor) @ (co)space!
Cost: FREE headshots which are are worth $50+ (provided first-come-first-serve), with a cash bar

(co)space (an initiative of YuKonstruct) aims to support entrepreneurs at all stages in their business to help them succeed. A digital presence is important and (co)space wants to help entrepreneurs put their best self out there.

What to expect: a cash bar, some appetizers, an awesome evening of networking, with first-come-first-serve headshots (including makeup touchups by Contessa Brule) by Alistair Maitland.

How to prepare: get dressy, bring your business cards and a smile !

This fantastic event is made possible with the support of :

Startup Whitehorse
Startup Whitehorse aims to connect, support and motivate entrepreneurs through meetup events, startup chats, pitching sessions, workshops, entrepreneur to entrepreneur speaker series and special events. (co)space plans to partner with with Startup Whitehorse for more exciting events in the future!

Contessa Brule of Color Bar Hair Resort
Contessa is a talented professional stylist will be providing some quick touchups to help entreprenurs look their best

Alistair Maitland of Alistair Maitland Photography
Alistair will be behind the camera capturing a fantastic headshot!

Yukon Brewing
They rock a good beer and are supporting entreprenurs in rocking a good headshot!

What is (co)space?
An initiative of YuKonstruct, (co)space, is an open-concept, collaborative shared workspace located in downtown Whitehorse. It is the first space of its kind in the North and provides small businesses with an alternative to working at home with a lower price than downtown office rental. In addition, (co)space offers other shared resources to members including access to client meeting space, printing, wireless internet, supportive workshops and learning opportunities as well as the immeasurable benefit of community for $99/month. More details at cospacenorth.com

We’re growing – we have a new space called (co)space!

Did you know YuKonstruct is opening a shared community workspace in Whitehorse ?  We are!

It is called (co)space. We’re thrilled to use this new space as a way to able to help better support our vision to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit, and grow Yukon innovation and business by providing accessible shared space and programming.

(co)space is located downtown, in a separate location from our Makerspace, and will be available to anyone who would like a productive, collaborative and community-driven space in which to do their work as a freelancer, entrepreneur or small business. Similar to YuKonstruct, a membership to (co)space will provide you access to (a new) space while offering amenities such as high speed internet, a productive work area, access to meeting rooms, and most importantly a community of awesome people.

In addition, (co)space will provide members with a wealth of supportive and informative programming and exciting and fun events, made possible with generous funding from the Yukon Government’s Department of Economic Development Department. We are also extremely grateful for the support received from MPIG Holdings, StartUp Canada and a huge army of volunteers who have helped for the past month to get (co)space renovated and ready to launch.

awesome volunteers!

More details will be coming soon!  Please follow the dedicated (co)space Twitter and Facebook pages if you would like to stay up to date.

start up

Also please join us at our first (co)space & YuKonstruct joint event!  With the support of YG Economic Development we’ve partnered with Startup Canada to create an awesome program for their FREE 1-day conference for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. Register online to reserve your seat for November 7.

Want to get involved? Have questions?

There are lots of ways to get involved in this project, if you’re interested in helping us build this space please get in touch (cospace@yukonstruct.com). Any volunteer hours you contribute will count towards the 10 hours / month needed to get your YuKonstruct membership for just $5!

Also checkout the (co)space website: http://cospacenorth.com

What are Instructables? (FAQ and How-to)

Instructables FAQ

YuKonstruct is competing in a contest against other makerspaces from around the world, to win great prizes including a laser cutter, welder, and much more!  The goal is to post the most high quality Instructables as possible before the August 31, 2015. More info here!

An instructable is basically a written step-by-step guide which shows how-to do, or make, something.  These how-to’s are created and written on a website called Instructables.com. This website has an almost limitless collection of fantastic instructables about almost any subject you can think of!  Here, anyone can document and share their creations in a step-by-step fashion to allow others to be able to use, make or build it themselves.

The prizes are certainly a nice incentive, but more than that, it fits well with YuKonstruct’s mission of empowering the local maker community to bring their ideas to life by providing training and access to great tools. For any maker, Instructables.com is a fantastic resource to provide ideas and inspiration. Contributing knowledge and sharing with this global maker community, just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling!

Share your life hacks, recipes, or cool projects by writing step-by-step instructions and posting them on instructables. Don’t forget some helpful pictures. If you’d like to participate we’ve put together a short guide below to help get you started!

Join us at our next event where we will help you get your instructable posted. Thursday August 27, from 6-9pm.  If you can’t join us, please email info@yukonstruct.com for some support. If you would like to try posting one on your own we have listed the key steps below for you.

How-to Post an Instructable


Step zero:   

Have an idea you’d like to share, take lots of clear photos & remember how you made it / or did it.

Step one:   

Go to instructables.com and sign up with a free account (or sign-in, if you have one already).

Step two:   

Once signed in, click on the “Publish” button at the top to the right of the search bar, and then click “New Instructable” in orange.

Step three:   

Start with your title and select whatever category fits your project best. Then write your “how-to” instructable by adding your instructions and pictures, using the handy editor.
If you’re stuck: There is in fact an instructable on how to make an instructable here, and one specifically on how to use the editor, at this link here.

Step four:   

Publish your instructable. Once you click publish you can enter some useful keywords to help others find it, and you can personally enter any contests you think your project applies to. (note: the makerspace contest will not be listed, that’s a special one)

If you post a high quality instructable you’re likely to get “featured” (check out the criteria here). Getting featured means they want to showcase your well put together content (AND YuKonstruct will give an instructables t-shirt to any member who gets featured!). If you’re aiming to get your instructable featured you should try to include the following key things:

  • Clear title
  • Intro explains the project and motivation (aka. why you did this?)
  • Original photos (bright, clear and in focus)
  • Make it replicable (using enough detail and/or links to resources if possible)
  • Materials list (usually at beginning with links where applicable)
  • Any files / patterns used, where possible

Step five:   

Tell us about it (email us your link to info@yukonstruct.com and we will include it in our contest entry!). Don’t forget to share your new instructable with your friends!


Curious about the Instructables people have contributed so far? Check out YuKonstruct’s contest entries by clicking the picture below:


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